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Kadant consists of four main brand pillars, each offering unique products and services, such as legacy brands like Johnson and Johnson Fluiten and newly added brands like Kadant and Kadant Johnson. While Kadant is a relatively new name and has been a fully independent public company since 2001, many of our businesses have been serving industrial customers for more than 100 years. Additionally, these products are available in South Africa

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Our major product brands, many of which are sold under the Kadant name through our subsidiaries, include well-known industry names such as AES, Balemaster, Black Clawson (stock preparation), Carmanah, Goslin, Johnson, Lamort, Link-Belt, Lodding, Nicholson Manufacturing, Noss, PAAL, Syntron, Unaflex, Valon Kone and Vickery. Kadant is a global leader in technology and engineered systems, and now through Instalek, is made available in South Africa.




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Kadant is a global supplier of technologies and engineered systems that drive sustainable industrial processing. Our products and services play an integral role in enhancing efficiency, optimizing energy utilization, and maximizing productivity in process industries.


Kadant Johnson LLC, based in Three Rivers, Michigan, is a leading provider of rotary joints, precision unions, and equipment and fluid handling systems to process industries. Kadant Johnson’s products have a strong reputation in the industry for reliability, performance, and technical innovation. 


Johnson-Fluiten, S.r.l. was established nearly two decades ago as a joint venture of Kadant Johnson (formerly The Johnson Corporation) and Fluiten S.r.l. Johnson-Fluiten integrates Kadant Johnson’s global sales and service network with Fluiten’s mechanical seal expertise, application knowledge, and manufacturing capability.


Johnson-Fluiten specialises in precision rotary unions used with rotating components to convey water, air, oil, and coolant. Its primary product lines include the Type G, Type R, and Type Z rotary unions. The company markets its products directly to customers in Italy, and uses Kadant Johnson’s global sales network as well as independent agents in markets outside of Italy.

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