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With the help of our expert internal team, together we identify the best solutions to successfully complete any job. To find out more about how our team can best assist you, click here to learn more about our dynamic team.

Understanding Our Process

One of the services that we offer you is internal expertise. Our internal expertise is one of the many advantages of using our services. We provide problem-solving skills when it comes to determining which tools or equipment is best suited for your job. That means that we can recommend parts to you that are perhaps more efficient and cost-savvy than the original part you were looking for. Once again, we are all about hearing your problems and providing you with solutions and even, the most efficient solution.

Internal Expertise

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Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us and our team will source the item you are looking for. With offices in Johanesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, we can handle any request.

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Contractual Stock Holding.

Items that are considered ‘fast moving’, can be stocked, thereby enabling a constant supply. We also deal with the mitigation of the global supply chain or any logistical issues that may arise during the process.

Furthermore, by handling the stores replacement, we reduce the pressure on the purchasing department. Once everything is taken care of, it’s ready for delivery, which we can proudly assure all our clients that our delivery times are reliable.

Turn-key Solutions.

We handle the entire process from multi-supplier sourcing to quoting and purchasing, as well as forex and the foreign and local logistics. This means that our clients can enjoy services that are hassle-free, creating a positive experience for everyone. Moreover, consolidating shipping also reduces costs, meaning that we are helping you save.

Consolidated Procurement.

The process of consolidating your items helps to reduce the number of suppliers that your team needs to interface with. In turn, this allows your admin overhead to be lowered and overall streamlines your procurement process.

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