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We offer competitive industrial sourcing and procurement of specialised parts & products together with the technical skills needed to implement them.

From components to solutions, our reliable service and expertise is at the core of our business and the foundation of our success. With over 20 years’ experience, we provide competitive industrial sourcing, procurement, and consolidation of products.

We specialize in the supply of a number of production monitoring and quality improvement products which are used in a large range of manufacturing environments as well as engineering spares for a variety of machines. From sourcing to turn-key solutions, and technical solutions to consolidation, we handle it all so that you don’t have to.


Delivering Highly Reliable Time-Tested Solutions

With our Global Sourcing Network, we are able to find and source highly technical, specialised parts and products that support manufacturing & industry, ensuring minimal downtime, competitive pricing and exceptional service.

Global business network

The process of consolidating your items helps to reduce the number of suppliers that your team needs to have interaction with at a given time. In turn, this allows your admin overhead to be lowered and overall streamlines your procurement process.

Serious busy young black factory engineer in hardhat and safety goggles examining milling lathe and repairing it while working at production plant

We handle the entire process from multi-supplier sourcing to quoting and purchasing, as well as forex and the foreign and local logistics. This means that our clients can enjoy services that are hassle-free, creating a positive experience for everyone.

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Items that are considered ‘fast moving’, can be stocked, thereby enabling a constant supply. As a Contractual Stock Holding company we also deal with the mitigation of the global supply chain or any logistical issues that may arise during the process.

Serious busy young black factory engineer in hardhat and safety goggles examining milling lathe and repairing it while working at production plant

Having access to a global network of highly skilled engineers with specialized knowledge and expertise, we are able to ensure that your machines remain maintained and calibrated, with minimal down time to your production line, factory or facility.


20 Years Of Putting
Our Customers First

Because we have been in this industry for years, we have made valuable relationships and in turn, we use these connections to provide our clients with high quality services. Whether it be searching high and low for what you need, or providing you with technical expertise and advice, we make sure that you are provided with a solution to your problem.


Tested, Trusted and True

Global Sourcing.

We can handle any request, so if this is the kind of service you are looking for, then reach out to us today. Often, our large global purchasing network leads to added benefits for our clients such as: improved pricingimproved supply and engineered solutions.

We work to source the correct products that you need from reliable suppliers. Quality and reliability are important factors that we consider, so the products that we source are originals thereby providing you with a warranty so that you can feel secure and confident in your purchase.

Innovative Solutions, Focused Results

Solution Sourcing.

We’ve moved away from a product-based business and more towards a service-based business, that service being industrial sourcing and procurement. We work with very knowledgeable suppliers, many of whom are people that are highly specialised in their field, whether it be mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineers, and the like.

With this diverse network we work with, this allows us to provide our clients with technical solutions. In simple terms, you come to us with a problem, we will source you the right supplier and expert, we engineer a solution for you.

Reaching The World

Growth Comes
With Change

Our services enable you to improve your BEE requirements and are also a great way to support local. Instead of purchasing internationally, purchasing through Instalek will count towards your BEE score.


Internal Expertise

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Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us and our team will source the item you are looking for. With offices in Johanesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, we can handle any request.

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